Planning future Build

Hello friends! I’m posting here to get advice on some hardware purchases that i’m going to make now and then again down the line.

current setup:
amd 2600
msi x470 pro carbon
evga 960 4gb
16gb gskill 3000mh
ultrawide 1440p monitor 100h refresh
gaming / coding under linux
I’d like to give vfio a try for gaming on windows as well as have a macOS virtual machine running for coding. (swift, mostly for work)

my biggest weakspot is my gpu and I have a $550 budget for hardware upgrades. should I wait and get a 2060 super
should I try and pick up 5700 or 5700xt?

I’d also like to build a custom waterloop at some point to have quiet overclocking. what are you the chances that the 5700xt will see a waterblock made for it?

any and all thoughts as to what I should do would be greatly appreciated!

Honestly, with your cpu, waterfooling is unneeded.

With gpus, it’s a different story, but don’t worry about that quite yet.

$550 budget? Get a used 1080 ti and call it a day. Linux drivers are mature for it, and it provides excellent performance for your 1440 uw. If you want to throw more money at it, upgrade the cpu, but the 2600 is a rock solid cpu. You shouldn’t need to upgrade it.

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Thanks for the advice! yeah that was the other board in consideration if I can find one for a good price. I would want to watercool a future cpu and gpu. I probably should mentioned that the waterloop is ‘down the line’ sort of goal. I’ll upgrade the cpu when the 3900x starts to go on sale. I’m pretty happy with my 2600 and haven’t really felt the need to upgrade. when I’m running more virtual machines and the like I have a feeling the extra cores will come in handy.

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Ah, okay. Yeah. I’m not huge on watercooling, so I’ll let someone more adept advise you.

Cores come in handy with passthrough, but 6 should be plenty for that. With non-gaming vms, cores are helpful, but ram is the big money hog. I’ve got 64gb on my primary rig and often, I will get close to maxing it out.