Planning a post-Christmas PC Build

As it says in the title, I'm doing some very forward planning on this system, in anticipation of the prices for parts being much lower when I eventually get around to buying and building. A few notes on the system, I will definitely be overclocking, so a decent cooling system and motherboard are a must, I want really fast, low profile(ish) RAM to keep up with the overclock (anything above 2100MHz seems pointlessly expensive to me though) and I want at least an AMD Radeon HD 79xx GPU to be able to max out games like Watch Dogs without any issues whatsoever.

My proposed budget is hopefully only £800 (My current part picker spec is over that a bit) but things like an SSD aren't essential, just preferable. Again, I'm anticipating decent offers on parts after Christmas, although some parts have great offers now. I can't remember what other case Logan recommends, I think it's an NZXT that has more fans and express card slots, but otherwise looks identical (almost) to the Fractal Design I've got listed.

Any and all input appreciated, especially those which can save me lots of money! And please try to use UK links for alternative parts.




PS, there is a link, it;s right here :P

Something a bit cheaper. Swapped the 7970 for a 7950 since the 7950 is so much cheaper and nearly as fast. Upgraded the mobo to something more suitable for overclocking and downgraded the ram to 1600mhz because that is all you need for gaming.

Thanks very much for that! I assume I can still overclock the 7950 within an inch of exploding? I really want to push this system for all it's worth.

Oh, yes. The 7950 is a great overclocker and basically matches the 7970 when it is overclocked.

Thanks a lot for this. Now I just hope that I have enough money to be able to afford this system without blowing my entire bank account on it...


This is a lot better value for the money;


  • 7950's, when overclocked, perform as well as 7970's
  • AMD FX 8320 is a 8350 with an underclock
  • PSU is 80+ Gold and modular
  • RAM is cheaper because it comes at a lower stock clock but can be overclocked easily
  • Upgraded the motherboard to a more overclocking friendly one

Just thought i'd say that the RAM is no longer available,in this build, on PC Partpicker.

RESPEC! I changed out a few things, namely the cooling unit and case, to see what people thought could be changed now. Note that I'm still not decided on either the Kraken or the Noctua, just that I'm exploring options (and taking on board changes people make to reduce the costs).

I have upped the PSU to 750W because I couldn't find the 650W that I previous used, or that was previously recommended.


~EDIT~ It helps if I add the link...

That's a nice build now but i would get a FX 8320, like i used in my previous build, and invest the savings in a better case; the Source 210 is a horrible case.


EDIT - If you want to keep the Kraken you'll have to change cases because the Source 210 doesn't support it, most Fractal case's will do the trick.



Thanks for the advice, I'll change it once I know for definite whether I want water cooling or not.