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Planning a post-christmas build


Hey Level1Techs!

This is my first post here. Found you guys on YouTube a couple of months ago, and I though now would be the perfect time to visit the forums for some advice.

I am selling my current PC for 6000 SEK (≈670$) to a good friend of mine. Curing his consolitis while getting the opportunity to get an upgrade myself. My budget is 14000 SEK (≈1500$) excluding storage, which I will be carrying over from the old PC.

The reason I want to upgrade is because I want higher frames when playing competative PUBG. The goal is a stable 144 fps on 1440p in PUBG.

This is what I got so far:

Intel Core i5-8600K

ASUS Prime Z370-P

Ballistix Sport DDR4 16GB (2 x 8)

GTX 1080 ti (unsure of what brand/model to buy)

Phanteks P400S

Corsair TX650M

Any advice is appreciated! :santa:


Hey, welcome to the community. Run while you still can…
Well, the combo Intel Nvidia is just fine. Why don’t you check out 9000 series CPUs? They are refined process and are supposed to have higher frequency. It’s the same price…
Also, you are keeping the p400 from your old system or you are getting a new P400, cause honestly it’s kinda choked for air…


I were going to buy a new P400 but I’ve also been thinking about Fractal Design cases…

Edit: I’ll take a look at those 9000 series CPUs



Build looks good, but grab a 1080ti while you can, stock is dropping fast.


Just checked some prices and you might be better off getting the RTX 2080


Looks fine to me, maybe checkout the 9xxx series of cpu’s.
To see if you could find a nice deal on those i5’s.


Also checked prices for CPUs, the i5 9600K is about the same as the 8600K, so go for that one and see if you can find a Z390 mobo to match it with.


Agree, i would also advice to go with the 9600K on a Z390 board nowdays.
Simply because if you buy new anyways then i personally wouldnt bother with previous gen motherboards and cpu’s.
Because with intel motherboards chipsets get EOL pretty quickly.

I still need to work this topic out a littlebit further.
So that people could check it out to help finding a decent motherboard.


If you’re wondering about the difference between Z390 and Z370, they are pretty minor, but nice to have features.


Yup the additional connectivity options you get,
for similar prices is allways nice to have.


That’s a good idea. I didnt even know the 9000 series were out yet, pricing seems the same as the 8000 series ones. Only problem is there are so many z390 motherboards, don’t know what to choose…



Hi, I would stick with a secondhand, or OEM, 8700k. Beautiful gaming processor and you can pick one up far more reasonable price per clock. I would stay away from the newer CPUs, the firmware is not optimised properly yet, they run very hot, and required cooling well beyond a H160 or an H100i v2, to really get the performance out of it. 8700 would also see you further than the i5 tbh as games are moving to a more CPU to GPU balanced methodology, leveraging both to get the easiest performance increasing in code. I would also go for the 1080 ti good choice. Still power house, and water-cool on AIO if you can. 1080 Tis are still one of the best GPUs ever built. Disk speeds on SSDs are fine, no need for NV disks. I would relook at your RAM, board base clock, and RAM speeds matter. Which board, final firmware, and thus the overclocking and RAM recommendations need to sync. I would go for 3200 with recommended OC capability to see you into the future. over 3200 is over kill for gaming but might be good in 2 years time. You already have the monitor? Will you OC or stock? Any good SSDs with 300+ read speeds lying around or any other kit? what PSU you looking at? Also external power protection like mini-UPS?