Planetbase dark and reddish

Hello everyone, I use ubuntu 18.04 as my main OS, and also use it for gaming.
I like playing planet base but i can’t seem to work it correctly.
When the game starts everything is dark and red.
I have tried multiple solutions but without success. i use playonlinux, and have tried running the game in windows 7 and xp using different wine versions with and with out directx active, non of the thinks i tried are helping.
i had it working in virtual box but there the graphics is very slow and the game is unplayable due to low frame rates.
Does someone a solution?

I do not own the game so cannot test or even know what the issue is, but, I had a look on and a general search for Planetbase dark red screen, Planetbase dark screen and Planetbase dark screen Linux because it kept talking about general windows problems in the search results.

I have not been able to find anyone with this problem. Plenty of straight black screen on loading but none dark.

Is there anything else to this? More details?

Edit: WineHQ also has nothing of note on this, it is rated gold for compatibility on their app DB. Sorry.

Use lutris for a start. Don’t use POL until version 5 is out and complete. With lutris users submit configurations of their wine prefixes to and you can play almost anything. I play WOW and LoL all the time.

Well as i see it besides the menu buttens the only collor visible is red.