Planetary Annihilation giveaway

Hi guys,

there is a giveaway running for the Planetary Annihilation game with some promotion. It wants you to join a Steam group, look at some sales and subscribe to a newsletter.

I don´t want to spam ads here, but it´s nice to get a 30$ game for a small effort.


I was pretty excited about this game when it was first revealed back in the day. I'm glad I never bought it though. After watching some game-play videos concluded that they failed pretty badly at making it fun to play.

Hey thanks, I appreciate it. My buddy has this game and it beats buying it

Just tossing it out there. would it not be better to post the direct link instead of a article talking about said giveaway? lol

Link for Giveaway:

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Reopened based on feedback.

Well I used the pcgamer link to add some credibility. I don't expect people just to click on random links with "free" in their description ;)

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haha i don't trust ... tin foil hat ... any links

Followed the link and it does provide a free steam key, upon completion of a newsletter signup.