Plan for Kaby Lake or wait on Cannonlake?

Pretty self explainatory. Planning to upgrade to z170, in which I would skip skylake, but I can't help but think I should wait for Cannonlake and Z200 chipset.

I feel like Zen would force Intel to finally innovate, though they could very well be finished with design on Cannonlake by the time Zen releases...

Care to weigh in, folks?

I'm going to zen myself haven't bothered with intel since the pentium 4.

okay? I'm not asking about Zen though

you mentioned zen and vaguely asked people to whey in

ok re-read your post and I'm stupid

I really do hope that zen can deliver because now intels cpu's are as interesting as dry rocks.

Kabylake will be released on the socket 1151 platform Z270 chipset.
Cannonlake will be a totaly new socket and platform again most likely.
And wont be there any earlier then 2018.
But yeah its basicly better to just buy the best present hardware that you can afford at the time.

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The most common dilemma faced by enthusiasts... buy now or wait for the new thing... If you keep waiting for the new thing then you'll never have the new thing... However, If you are experiencing a desire for more performance insofar as your rig no longer performs as you would hope, then upgrade away. Just my 2 cents.

This pretty much ☺

I agree, but I'm a student, so the way I have to plan and budget, it will definitely be one of the two platforms. I just wonder about if and how Intel will innovate with Cannonlake.

Do I go with the optimized 14nm process or the new 10 nm process, you know?

Do you need your computer to be ready to use in the next 1.8 years? Yes? Buy Kaby Lake or Sky Lake. Is your current computer ample for what your needs are for the next 1.8 Years? Yes? Cool don't buy in then.

Plain and simple.

Depends on your actual situation. In my opinion, if you're only thinking about IPC there's no point whatsoever in waiting for new architectures since every generation the IPC is just 5% better. So if you're in need for an upgrade just go for Skylake and don't worry about it. But if you're already on a good machine for your needs just wait as much as you can before buying anything.

If your into overclocking sometimes the older architecture has the advantage of more guides and more info and more mature drivers.
When skylake first came out most games initially did not translate the 10 percent jump in IPC to a jump in FPS. That has since changed ofcourse. Skylake turns out to be an awesome OC'er it would seem.
How long will the I7 4770/GTX 1070 meet your wants?

Only thing that's going to arrive with either of those two platforms is going to be PCIe 4.0. Skylake brought DMI 3.0 to the table and that's about it.

I myself am moving back from my i3-6100 to my old 2600K (albeit with no overclock) because in basically everything from games to productivity to system responsiveness, despite PCIe 3.0 and DMI 3.0, my 2600K blasts the 6100 into outer space.

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