"pixelated/slightly blurry video" on a brand new monitor?

Hey guys, so I finally got around to building my pc build that I was suggested on this site, so thanks for that! Anyways, I bought an ASUS vg248 LED monitor and it looks pixelated as hell, and if I try to watch twitch vids, which I find myself doing a lot, the quality is shit. All my drivers are up to date, so says my pc when I search for update drivers online. My Graphics card is an AMD R9 280X. I've tried the DVI port, and also my HDMI ports, both have the same effect. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

In addition, the monitor is in the correct resolution of 1920x1080

Is there by chance a black border around your screen?

No, the screen itself is filled in completely with colors ect. It just looks really pixelated on streams on the highest-lowest quality/ in general when looking at videos. I used a macbook pro before this pc and never had this issue.

so its just media?

yes, like even the background on my monitor looks like it too a bit

does anything look strechted or out of place, such as incons or your taskbar.

You may want to start poking around in your CCC settings, just right click your desktop and you should be able to find it. Try looking for overscan, that tends to be an issue with amd cards.

no, everything looks fine size wise. when i rightclick my desktop the only things that come up are view, sort by, refresh, paste, paste-shortcut, new, screen resolution, gadgets and personalize.

Then you did not install Catalyst Control Center, try redownloading your drivers again, make sure you are getting the right one.

Also when you right click and click resolution are you at 1920x1080

when i go to device manager then go under my graphics card/monitor and right-click, then hit update drivers, it says theyre up to date? sorry im still newish to windows 7, been using mac the past few years. and yes, i am at 1920x1080

are you getting your drivers from amd's website?

I havent actually went to a site to download drivers, the only driver ive manually downloaded was for my networks card, i figured the other ones came pre-downloaded since when i did device manager/update drivers, it was saying they were up to date.

Here: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Windows+7+-+64

I'm assuming you are using windows 7 64bit. Choose the 14.12 driver, unless you plan on playing on GTA V, then there is an updated driver for it.

I guess you found my problem then :) once this is done downloading, since i updated my network adapter with the disk it came with, is there anything else that will need drivers installed/updated?

also, i just downloaded/finished the driver update for my graphics card, is there anything else i have to do for it to go into effect?

I'll get back to you in a few, leaving work.

ok thanks a lot !

The driver and CCC should be all set up now. If it's still blurry I'd recommend trying to fiddle with some of the settings. Again make sure you are at 1080p, your refresh rate should be 144hz with the monitor that you have (You will need a dual link dvi or Display Port... HDMI and lower forms of dvi will not allow that refresh rate).