Pihole in VBox

I am tryiing install PiHole in a VBox but after in isntalling the VBoxLinuxadditions i boot to a black screen after Grub &pihole start screen

Does anyone know of a preloaded VID for download? similar to:

Have you tried?
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=“nomodeset quiet splash”

I think i worded my post a little incorrectly. I installed pihole, updated, then rebooted fine. Install the linux guest additions, then reboot, get to grub, then pihole load screen, then goes to black.

I hear you … but have you tried editing grub and add nomodeset and boot?
Do you have access to the console?
What OS, ubuntu something similar?

Make sure you don’t have a conflict around 3D, especially the driver.
Black screen is often associated with problems around X

A few years ago, ubuntu and others had problems with the amd / ati drivers on vb / ga



havent gotten back to it yet, this weekend


Is it just me or has online ads just gotten rediculus - like every 5min on youtube.

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I don’t know, maybe. Personally, I haven’t seen any ads on youtube for many years.
I use ublock origin in every browser and on android newpipe + vlc.

PI-Hole will not help you with advertising in the video player on youtube.

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