Picking a website host and builder

I hope this is the right place to post this question, looked like the right place to me.
I’m looking to start a small business, doing photography for homes, and focusing more on drone shots and 360 degree interior photos because it seems like a very dry market near me. I already have the equipment, that isn’t a big deal at all for me.

I have a headache from looking at so many website builders and all that crap though. I don’t want to dump nearly $400 for a year of hosting through squarespace, don’t want to self host because I don’t want to have to design my own website, or spend even more time looking at templates than I already have.

My dad recommended me ionos because he has that, but I saw some crap reviews of it, so I don’t know if I should trust it.
I found Hostinger which seems like a good choice, relatively cheap, costing about $100 a year for the plan I’m looking at.

Which leads me to this. Does anyone have any recommendations? Any trees I should go bark up, or any horror stories I should know?
Thank you guys in advance for any help, I always appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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Staying away from IONOS would be a good idea, I used to work for them in billing when they were 1&1.

Wherever you choose, I recommend keeping your domain separate with a different provider/registrar. Avoid bundling it with the package, even if it’s “free”.


Have you tried Vercel or Netlify?
They have fast CDN hosting (Netlify is free for commercial use!)

As for getting the website made, I’m sure there are many React/Next.js templates out there with one click deploy. You’ll have to point them to your storage bucket before you go live.

After that, you can keep uploading to your storage (Cloudinary, for example) and they will appear on your site.