Picking a Laptop

Hey there guys, first time poster :D

Anyway, to get to the point I'm going to be heading to university (UK guy here) this year and I need a laptop for computer science. I'm very familiar with PCs, hardware, specs and stuff but I don't keep an eye on the laptop market too often so I have no idea where the best place to go is. I would buy an old thinkpad if I knew it could do everything I needed it to. For example, I would get a T410 with an i5 to put an SSD in it but the res on the screen is so low that I didn't think I would bother.

I have a desktop which I will be downgrading to itx to put in a prodigy to take with me but I need something for on the go.

It needs to be roughly around the spec of:

i5, 8GB RAM, 14" Screen, high support for linux and/or dual booting, virtual machine capabilities.

If it can do VMs and headache-free Linux in 14" then I'd be sold.

I will be running Linux and/or VMs from inside Windows and doing a LOT of programming and note taking. The only 100% spec is that it has to be 14" or less so I can carry it with me in a messenger bag.

Gaming is something that I spend a lot of time doing but I mainly play CS:GO or things like DOTA2 which aren't really that demanding if put on low settings. If it can run a game or two, then that's a bonus.

Is there anything in the market that kinda fits my spec for under £1000?