Pick me out a good charger

I want a decent "high amperage" multi port usb charger as I have grown tired of useing my computer for this. I really don't want to do the work to figure out what to get some someone do it for me pls,

Amazon Basics electronics are normally quite good.

looking at the reviews on the amazon basic 1 it appears to have a noisy transformer idk i like my peace

How many ports do you need? http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01EFUEFN8

If your phone has quick charge, get one with whatever version it has.

that one looks good but im in the us and cant buy it and its unavailable on us amazon

US link.

little different but still pretty good.

I know you gotta pay for quality but wow $50 for a charger hmm, maybe

It is a 60W 6 port charger with quick charging..

Have a look at there others and pick one depending on number of ports and features you need, theres some cheaper ones.

Aukey and Anker have always been good to me, but obviously everyone has had their good and bad experiences. Just read the reviews and you should be good.

so the aukey is a trustworthy brand?
this one would be ok for that I want, none of my devices support quick charge and 2amps per with 5 devices plugged in and 2.4A with 2 or three should be enough in theory as I dont belive any of my stuff can draw much more than that anyways

looks ok??

Looks good. Has the high amps you want.

Like @Big_Al_Tech i use both brands, and both have served well.

hmm some of the negative reviews are saying this is actually a 3amp total charger..

I decided on the somewhat dubious and not very elegant solution of buying 6 of these probabley knockoff Samsung 2 amp chargers and plugging them into an existing power strip. Fingers crossed on them actually being 2 amp, oh and not catching fire thats probabley important too..


wellp that didnt work out, 0.36a is the max draw from those mesured with my usb amp meter

I'm assuming that's quick charge with 2 things plugged in. 10W per device would be worse than a normal 2.4A charger.

None of the testing I have done has had a phone draw more than 1.2A. Not sure why but they refuse to pull more than that.