PI Server Terminal Project

I saw this neat retro looking “laptop” stand on Aliexpress and realized it kinda looks like an old terminal monitor stand. And now I’m really interested in putting together a Raspberry Pi 3b+ based terminal to access my server, htpc, networking gear, etc with.

yes I have a laptop and a phone but this seems fun and I want to.

Project seems straight forward. Buy the parts, design a case in cad, spend an afternoon bolting stuff together and finding all my over sights.

Anyone have any thoughts? I was going to use this USB powered HDMI screen with some right angle adapters


Back in the day I used a bunch of Pi B’s to run displays. They would run an X server and all the X clients (including the window manager) ran on an old PC. Worked fairly well, though the 100 Mbps ethernet was slow at sending all the bitmapped window traffic (everything is rendered client side with modern toolkits). No audio in that setup, but it wasn’t needed.

We have a massive wall of screens for network monitoring at work that uses some kind of mini PC client for it. I’m pretty sure they’re all relatively new Pentium machines. They’re just displaying web gui’s so I’m really curious about the set up.

Here’s the touch screen version of the one you linked:
(you selected the no touch option for that very low price, for your application the touch screen is pretty much mandatory)

For thin client stuff, try LTSP:

Not too difficult to set up, even I managed to do so years ago.