Pi-Hole On Ubuntu 20.04

Good Evening All.

I am running a Mikrotik Router RB 3011 Ui AS-RM and a small Gigabyte “NUC” type machine with a Celeron J1900 just running Pi-Hole on it. Pleased with results after inputting the Whitelists on this forum!
I have been running this for about 2 months now. I am assuming it updates the Blocklists on the fly ? I do have a quick browse on the web dashboard interface every now and again and surprised by how much it actually blocks! But now it states at the bottom of the page that there are updates for all

  • Pi-hole [v5.1.1]
  • Web Interface [v5.1]
  • FTL [Update available!]
    Shall i bother to update or just leave them as it is.
    Not a critical environment. Just my home network! Just dont want to break what is working sweet!
    PS I am used to working in Windows GUI and CLI not LInux at all, so any help to upgrade would be great if you think i should

Update it :+1:

pihole -up

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Keeping software up to date is crucial!

For updating your pi-hole duckduckgo referred me to: how-do-i-update-pi-hole (Keep in mind this is from 2016 - It could be possible to update from within the web dashboard)

Luckily win10 and linux has ssh by default. You need to find out the internal ip of your “NUC” and ssh into it and run the command pihole -up

To use ssh either download putty or just fire up the old windows commandline and type in

ssh internal ip

login with your credentials and run the aforementioned command.


You might consider installing cockpit while you’re in there to give yourself another web interface to access the machine.

Brilliant, Thanks for all the replies. I have updated it and set up xrdp so i can remote in when i need instead of unplugging keyboard & mouse and HDMI.
Ran the update.
If xrdp is a bit insecure i may try another method?

But thanks for all the quick replies :smiley:

Just SSH from my Windows machine, even better. I should never have installed the GUI in Ubuntu as this is the sole purpose of this machine Pi-Hole!
Thanks matey :smiley:

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Decided to have a play at cockpit as well. Nice little webpage to look over usage etc. Thanks. Definitely worth a go!

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My favorite ssh tool for windows is mobaxterm. It has tabs, SCP/SFTP, remembers connections, remembers usernames and passwords. If you find yourself connecting to many Linux machines at a regular rate it’s pretty handy.