Physx with 8600 GT, good or not?

Hello fellow Raze the World members.

Wondering if I might ask a question about Physx and Windows 7.

Recently got a 8600 GT from a friend thinking I would use it for Physx on Since my XFX Radeon HD 4870 is an ATi card and therefore does not support it. The way I see it, crappy 8600 GT Physx is better then none at all. I am on Windows Vista 32 Bit (only for old 16 bit program compatibility, other then that I would use Windows Vista Ult. 64-bit.)

I am about to install Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, and I was wondering how well Physx might work if I used my old eVGA 8600 GT, along with my XFX Radeon HD 4870. Any answers will be treated with kindness and support as I just want to know other peoples opinions here, I saw a video MeGotRice did a while ago with a 9500 GT for Physx and seeing as how 8600 GT and 9500 GT is basically the same card, thought I would give it a try.


apparently they are making physix only for nVidia cards ae

Don't do it, because it's not going to work.

Would a 8800GTS 320mb work?

It works, but my 8600 GT for some reason only says it has 16 stream processors, and I know it has 32, it says the same thing in a different PC and on 32 bit windows 7, idk what the problem is. Considering sending it back for a new one or a 9500 GT

oh, so you're using old driver, cool trick.
I think it comes out as 16 because when the card is in PhysX mode it only uses some os the cards resources. I don't know why it does this. I could be wrong. anyone else have a PhysX setup that can shed some insight?

As far as I know, pairing a ATI with a nvidia as physx wont work. Not because the drivers dont allow it, but because the physx does not use seperated drivers, but the graphics drivers for nvidia cards. Vista or Windows 7 cant run two graphics drivers at once.

I tried the card in a different PC, and it still only shows 16 SP, but physx still works

Ohhkey, anyways... Aslong as it does it's job why bother having it show anything else?
As rice says: Nothing higher than a 8600gt is needed for good physx.

Even if that 8600 GT is working like a 8500 GT? haha