Photoshop editing PC under $1500

Looking for suggestions for a friends photo editing machine. She is a pro photographer and this will be used for her business. The requirements she requested were fast, lots of storage, and a 27" screen. 

I was thinking a 240GB-256GB SSD for OS and programs then a pair of 4TB drives in a mirrored RAID. 

This will not be used for gaming so it does not need a super video card, Photoshop does require at least 512MB for some features. I am open to suggestions.

Make sure she has a good amount if RAM. At least 8GB of RAM. But it depends on her work load. I am assuming she is busy, and does a lot of editing. RAM is one thing you don't want to skimp on.

The PCPartpicker build is good, just get a 760 instead of a 750.