Photoshop and RAM

Hey everyone,
I have started an aerial real estate photography business and I am now using Photoshop and Lightroom to edit my HDR photography. I am curious as to wether or not upgrading my ram to 64 gig from 32 would increase my workflow performance enough to justify the $520 price. The system is currently running an Asus ROG Zenith Extreme, AMD 1950X, with 32GB G.Skill 3200mhz ram.


You’d only see a performance improvement if you were running out of memory with 32GB. You’d need to be dealing with some massive files for that to happen.


I am. I am shooting anywhere from 3 to 9 pictures in RAW on my DSLR and 4K RAW with my drone. Currently it can take as long as 9 minutes to merge a single image. Therefore, I’m spending 4 to 6 hours in Photoshop to to do post on a project that takes me an hour to shoot. I also plan on adding video mini documentaries in the near future.

4000px * 2000px * 4 channels * 4 bytes_per_channel = 122MB

Are you sure RAM is the issue? I’ve edited much larger pictures on a machine with 3GB RAM without a hitch.

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I have to agree with @Zavar, the returns for the memory upgrade does not justify the price jump. However, if you are planning to add video editing to your portfolio then you will see more benefits from the upgrade. I am more curious about the other hardware of your system, CPU and GPU. You may see better returns with a GPU upgrade for video editing if your system does not have one installed already.

Photoshop is heavily single-threaded, and performs much better on higher IPC cores. An overclocked i3-8350K would probably be quicker than Threadripper, unfortunately.

Take a look at affinity photo, in general it makes much better use of hardware. (At least that was the case on mac and I have heard it is similar on windows.)

Adobe likes clockspeed over core count most of the time so your system might not be optimal for your use case.

Anyway, first thing is to look at actual RAM usage.

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Can you watch the memory tab in the resource monitor to see what happens while you edit?

Post before /during/ and after screenshots if you can.

When Affinity Photo behaves like Affinity Designer, then it is in the same efficency class on Windows like it is on Mac.

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