Photo/Light Video Editing Rig with Some Gaming

Just wanted to see what all of you guys think of this build. No plan for overclocking (obviously with a xeon cpu). I plan to do RAID 1 with the HDDs. Do you think a hardware RAID card is worth it? For gaming it would only be at 1080p and I don't care about AA filters. Price wise I'm not looking to go much higher than it currently is. If anyone has any ideas to reduce the price that would be greatly appreciated.

minimum edits, you need a propper cooler, and that ram latency was horrible, and those hard drives where way too expensive for the size, try 3tb for $100 i kept your 16gb ram, and everything... ill completely redesign and then let you choose what works for you :) this is my other design for you


You don't need a "proper cooler".  The stock one works just fine at stock speeds.

Not sure why you went with 4x4GB - this platform can only utilize dual or single channel.

Overall the build isn't that great.

Either version of the Xeon build is fine, AMD is missing some instructions which make video editing faster and smoother but that's only if you're really going to need that video editing functionality. You should be fine with a software RAID 1 so long as it checks itself regularly. Photoshop will run on anything really so if you drop the video you could go AMD just fine.