Phonegap/ cordova for android

I need to create an android app to graph information received over Bluetooth. should I use cordova or phone-gap to do this,or other technologies? as it will need to receive the Bluetooth data and then convert it into a realtime graph to be displayed on screen on device.

II watched tutorials and I have an idea of how to create the code to make Bluetooth communicate to android but my skills in java are not very strong. My confidence in android is not enough to create graphing functions or implement and keep tracks of many different threads/activitys.

Im fimilar with graphing in canvas elements with javascript. should I try use cordova? what process should I follow? any tips? recommendations? any feedback appreciated!

My Knowledge :
basic android
some java, c++, graphs in canvas html5-javascript
familiar with Arduino

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I work as a mobile developer using Xamarin for iOS/Android. It’s based on the mono project to port C# to other platforms. There Is a free version available that should do everything you need, and a lot of tutorials available also for free. I would look into it if you’re not sold on phonegap/cordova.

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