Phenom 965 BE vs. FX 8320

Which would be a better chip for just gaming- AMD Phenom II x4 965 black Edition or AMD FX 8320- No rendering or any of that fancy video editing stuff- just gaming. I've heard that the 8320 isn't actually an 8-core CPU but more like a 3-core and that its good for multitasking such as rendering and video editing stuff. If I were to get the Phenom, I would be buying a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo paired with an Asus M5A97 R2.0 ATX AM3+. I might overclock the Phenom but I mainly got an aftermarket cooler because I heard that the stock on the Phenom sucks and its noisy. What GHz do you think I could achieve with the Phenom?

Here are the two builds




FX-8320 is ofc better then the phenom, but trowing a FX8350 on a Msi 970A board is realy not a good idea. And about your amd build, i would change that  GTX670 also to evga 760 super clocked, because that card performs similar to the GTX 670 if im right, but its allot cheaper.

the money you saving trow in a better mobo!

FX8320 is x2 as powerfull as the phenom + all stock amd heatsinks suk there designed to run with amd cool and quiet enabled that everyone disables to make the cpu stop throttling down to low clock speeds when not in use makeing the heatsink over work in turn makeing a noisey fan in your pc case.

If you're just gaming on a budget, the Phenom will be fine on the 970 mobo. I'd grab a 760, instead of the 660ti. The Phenom is quite capable of handling a high-end card

Unless you're on a tighter budget, what you're saying is like comparing a prius to a corvette. By the way, to the guy who said he advises against 970A, why? I'm using one with my FX 6300 and its fine, I don't need to spend a retarded amount of money on a 990FX EXTREME MOTHAFUCKIN EDITION motherboard. I'm going to be getting a 760 too with evga's step up program, steppin up from a 660. Don't mean to come off as a dick about the motherboard but if a 970a like my MSI 970A-G43 works fine and overclocks fine, is it really necessary to spend another 50-60 just to get the shiny things? Of course not all 970a motherboards support every FX cpu, like mine. My mobo only supports up to the 8320.

^ was that totally necessary? And it depends on individual needs and wants.

A 990 chipset will overclock further than a 970, to allow people to make the most of a high-end CPU like the 8350. For higher performance/productivity.

Your motherboard might be a good motherboard, I can't say. However, I know that the "G43" doesn't come with SLI support. You get what you pay for.

Yeah...sorry, It probably wasn't necessary. I see what you mean now, some people don't really justify their reasoning for someone having to go higher. Yes sir, you're right about the G43, the other PCI slot on my board runs at the 8x speed rather than 16x. I just don't plan on doing any kind of SLI until the future, on my next build.

It's ok, Grumpy Cat. And for most monitor displays, a single card is more than enough. And FX6300 970 is a good combo. I agree with what you're saying, just can't say it'd be the same for others.

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second: if you read my post well, then you see, that i talking about, trowing a FX8320 on that Msi 970A board.(like topic starts plan was) Thats not a good combination at all. 4+1 powerphase and realy weak vrm´s thats what those msi 970A boards are struggeling with. a FX6300 95Wtdp cpu will run fine on this board, but for a FX8320/8350 they just not made for those highend cpu´s especialy wenn you tempting to overclock. this board has very well known issues with overheating vrm´s wenn trowing a FX8320/8350 on it.

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Ok. I changed the motherboard to the Asus M5A97 R2.0 and I changed out the 670 for the 760 SC. Thanks for the advice!