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Again, this is vPro stuff.

Find some real info or leave please.


leaving before you start crying

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I think I discussed this prior? Anti Theft 3.0 is an implementation in the business world. Its not there to “steal” somebody’s ideas. Its there to provide the function necessary to enable a feature businesses would require to avoid their property being stolen. So I impart this question to you again. At what point is risk mitigation introducing new risks that one has not assessed due to tunnel vision so to speak?

Okay so let me introduce my trade. I am an RF engineer by trade. IF you want any real source of information on a chip. You can look up its FCC test report. Every device with a radio or with radio emissions must pass this. If it doesnt have one associated, it does not have a radio. It really is that simple. There are no “secret” radios without any kind of serious consequences to the manufacturer. When I say serious I mean billion dollar level fines.

This is what adubs is asking for when he says real information. If I interpret this correctly you are worried about a radio that can be remotely turned on. If thats the case you might as well not even own a cell phone.


ok bud :wave:




Back to real stuff, do you think OpenWRT would work good on a Netgear 6700v3?


Unfortunately no

Wireless class AC1750
CPU1 Broadcom BCM4708C0
CPU1 Speed 1 GHz (2 cores)

This doesnt make it an attractive nor buildable (easy) with openwrt. There are developers that specialized in the level of cancer Broadcom can be with its binary blobs. This firmware would be tomato

If you want a good place to look… OpenWRT talks about their best devices. The reason I got the netgear was this page

It was built on the platform recommended


Dang; it’s what we have one of alrady. (._. )
Thanks for all the info! :slight_smile:


openwrt is a meme anyway.

go full autismo on opnsense and build your routing solution from the ground up like a chad.


Full send! :joy:

I think I was fairly reasonable and didnt do this. Opted for the R7800

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If you want a recommendation in a price range and you are deadset on OpenWRT I can give you one. However I dont think people should running their routing on an ARM chip. They just dont have the grunt and also lack the AES new instruction sets

Suricata IDS literally tanks my symmetrical 600 to symmetrical 350-400 and thats a true quad core x64. The problem with this kind of software and routing is it relies on raw IOPS

In my budget for wireless I found

The netgear R7800 was a good sweet spot. The turria was total overkill and the Zyxel well its not MU-MIMO which is wave 2 Wifi 5. I have no interest in Wifi 6 for at least until its wave 2 maturity.

Granted I got it as a present and my sister got it for 119.99 … so LOL cant complain


Oh, thanks! :slight_smile: I don’t think my dad wants to buy another one. Our 6700R3 is on its own subnet and is just an access point for our tablets and firewalled to just let them access the DLNA video server (which just has read-only permissions). If it wasn’t for our tablets, we wouldn’t even use WiFi and we’re looking to replace the tablets with something non-Android like maybe making something with PI4.


well if you want firmware then any tomato variant and build for the following should work

Netgear R6700 v3 ARM 1000 x2 1 Gbps 1 1 ac1750 128MB 128KB 256MB K26ARM

It does close all the security bugs in the original netgear stuff


OK, thanks! :slight_smile: We do have the newest Netgear firmware, but it would be nice to have an open one. :+1:


No problem thats why I made this thread

So I may eat all the cyanoacrylic with wine


in a perfect world this would be true - do you mean something like the billion dollar fines intel has still not paid ?

It should be obvious to anyone now the system is beyond corrupt. If you you believe these types of features (which are extremely useful for the intelligence services) - would be disclosed you need to open your eyes.

As previously mentioned - I run GrapheneOS.

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No. This is civil issue between two companies. I meant fine as in The Federal Communications Commission would fine intel for including a chip they did not have an approval from the FCC on and they would have to pay immediately. I made this clear above:

How can this be made more clear?

So you have a cellphone? What you are saying above and telling me to open my eyes to and then running an OS on a cellphone that by your definition would be compromised at a hardware level seems completely contradictory. What is the significance in running graphene if you have an ARM Trusted zone and processor :wink:

Do you see how the argument can be flipped over completely. This is what I mean by risk mitigation within reason.

Also I dont care about intelligence collecting im an engineer for the DOD. They know literally every detail of my life. Literally.

The only reason I am doing this is absolutely not to do with eye opening or paranoia but for supporting open firmware projects and learning some things along the way.

Again most of the features you list are business NEEDED features on only business processors not all

This is how the world works. Its loss prevention on the business side. There are terrible employees that steal stuff. They need a means to track this. This is why that feature is there on an enterprise grade set of hardware.

Anyways man its off topic from where I want my thread to go. Please feel free to make a topic yourself and have people discuss it!


To be fair, it’s easier/more fun to troll other people’s threads. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would do but it seems people are too scared when I start mentioning the capabilities of the intelligence services & how the world really works - & flag my posts.


Hey you know what everyone is entitled to think and behave how they want all I ask is if in my own blog veers into the weeds and away from the direction of me just sharing my own experiences and tinkering with hardware. That we get back on track

No worries on my end… I cant arbritrate on that. You would have to individually discuss it with the moderators. All I ask is above. My vision for this thread isnt to talk too much about combatting the 14 eyes et al. Nor is my system designed to in anyway lol.

Definitely if you want to speak of it create your own thread/blog and gear it towards the evidence you have?