Pfsense with vpn problems

ok i’m trying to take controll over my network! ooof but the more i learn the more i realize i don’t know networking!

ok i have pfsense box setup and i can’t seem to get the VPN setup the way i want.

my vpn provider is torgaurd i used this how to to setup the vpn in pfsense

but then when i try to set it up only on certain IPs on my network to use the vpn i break it. and if i kill the vpn the IPs still say they are conected to the VPN. is this becuase the VPN has me setup there DNS?

If you want help you will want to post pictures of the settings you are using. Kind of hard to know if you have something configured wrong with just a guide you followed.

@audiovisualtech have you solved your problem? You might want to check out the videos from Lawrance Systems on Youtube. I think you will find the answer to your problem there.

@audiovisualtech I came across this post on another forum. I follow this Youtuber a lot. What strikes me about the post was the original poster as the same problem as you except he uses PIA as his VPN provider. Anyway, in case you are interested, I have linked the post. I hope this helps.
PIA issues with pfsense

so i used Lawrance to set it up. but i still cant get it to work.

Im wondering if it has to do with ipv6.

Have you tried to take your physical network and create several Vlans, it might be easier to accomplish your goal if you do that. Does your Internet provider provide IP 6 adress?