Pfsense server + edgerouter client, works but need server to client communication

Hi guys, I have followed Level1 for quite a while on youtube but I just created this account, I dont consider myself an advanced Networker at all, I can get stuff done by watching and reading tutorials but on this particular case I have tried everything and I have to be missing something.

What I have:
pfsense firewall with openvpn as a server
Edgerouter with openvpn as a client
Remote Access is working fine
I can ping and access the server’s lan side no problem
I cant ping or access client’s lan side.

Before you yell at me I know I should probably be using a site to site or peer to peer configuration for this scenario since all I want to do is access resources on both ends, well the issue is the edgerouter is behind NAT and theres another router that is actually converting fiber and providing internet access to the edgerouter wich then manages the network, I cant change this since my ISP wont let me put the first router on bridge mode for some reason, its blocked and I would have to upgrade my internet plan to have them provide a media converter wich costs too much.

After reading online and now having my doubts after trying literally everything I have found people that apparently make it work using the remote access option, my server lan can ping the tunnel network but cant reach my lan, I have tried creating routes, nat rules, firewall rules, gateways, everything.

More than just an answer I would even be wiling to hire someone to help me get this working if its possible at all.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far, I dont know what kind of information would be useful for anyone to help me, I will post if someone tells me what they need to see.

In the meanwhile, some details:
Server LAN:
Client LAN:
Tunnel Network:


You’ll need to post detailed config. If the VPN is in place with proper routes and you can’t ping the remote lan, it’s probably a firewall issue.

Can your ISP router forward any ports or no? If it can you should be able to set up a tunnel.

Ok thanks, I will try to do my best getting all the info, I dont know if I will miss something, if anyone with experience is willing to log in remotely or give me a bit more details on what information is relevant I would appreciate it since I am new to pfsense and new to vpn’s specially openvpn.

Yes I can port forward and DMZ, just cant bridge.

In the meanwhile I will try to get everything.


If you can port forward, you should be able to set up a tunnel. Just forward the openvpn port you want to use to the edgerouter. You’ll probably need ddns as well unless you have a static ip.

I am trying to upload the information but it wont allow me more than 2 pictures and also wont allow me to post links so I dont know how to do it.

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I bumped you up. You should be able to post pictures and links now.

Be sure to not dox yourself if you’re going to post screen shots…

Thank you!

Incoming post, I know I blurred Public IP’s hehe

Server: PFSense
Client: Ubiquiti Edgerouter

Server Interfaces
VPN (VPN Tunnel)

Server LAN:
Tunnel NET:
Client LAN:

Client Router and devices on the LAN Pings and can Access everything on Tunnel and Server LAN
Server Pings Tunnel but no access to Client LAN Whatsoever

Firewall Rules:



Static Route:
Traceroute from pfsense server to client network

Traceroute from client to server(succesfull)

PFSense ARP Tables(public Blurred):

Now I know this must look like a mess and I am probably missing information but I have changed/tried so many things I dont even know where I am standing at now.

All I know is server can ping tunnel but not client network
Client can ping and access tunnel and server lan no prob.

Anything else I might upload that may help ?