pFsense Rules

Hello, hoping somebody can enlighten me on this one since I’m a newbie to pFsense. The problem I’m having are the following:

  • when I create a rule to limit the bandwidth of a pool of IPs in an Alias, it loses internet connection
  • when I block the internet connection for a pool of IPs in an Alias, it loses internet connection as well

Other things to know is that the IPs of the devices are statically assigned under DHCP and the tick box for “Create an ARP Table Static Entry for this MAC & IP Address pair.” is checked.

Screenshot of the rule?

Are you referring to the ‘Block Internet Use’ section? If so, the destination is your problem. You’re telling it to block everything not destined for your WAN adapter’s subnet (that doesn’t mean internet) which is probably breaking routing and other services running on pfSense (DNS?). If the lab or student devices only need access to other devices on then it should be ! LAN net. But double check your routes and also verify they don’t need access to OPT2 and CAPTIVEPORTAL first.

Also consider changing your rule actions to Reject rather than Block for client devices.


I’m not sure I got what you mean here. But when I enable the rule that Blocks their internet connection, it works.

I have configured the same rules to a network that’s available. The rule drops the internet connection when enabled.