PFSense Router

Hey guys. I am trying to make a PFSense router with a computer that I just built. I decided to build the router even though it would be cheaper to buy a used business class ThinkStation on ebay simply because I wanted to build another computer. Anyway, the computer I have built is based around an AMD Athlon 3000g and using an MSI A320M-A Pro motherboard. I chose this combo because LTT did a video using this exact motherboard for this CPU. I am also using a single channel of G.Skill Aegis 4GB 2400Mhz RAM, and a case with an integrated 300W non-modular PSU. Unfortunately, however, I am unable to get the computer to post. I even took the RAM from my gaming rig (dual channel G.Skill Tident G RGB 16G 3000Mhz of RAM - although the Athlon is only rated for 2666Mhz RAM). Does anyone have any idea of what I may be doing wrong? Oh yeah, I also swapped the CPU out with an AMD Ryzen 3 3200G. I am using a DVI cable for video out, but I don’t even get a post beep from the MB speaker. I feel like I have tried everything. Yet upon watching the LTT video that inspired this build, I noticed that Linus said something about POST taking a hot minute, so I may only just have to wait awhile, but once I did leave the Computer powered on and left it to sit there for a little while.

P.S. I am categoizing this thread as software because once I get into the software aspect, I may want to continue. Thanks for anyone’s help.

The BIOS on the motherboard might not have Zen+ support. Try a Athlon 200GE or a Ryzen 1200.

Double check you’ve plugged in all the power connectors.

Does the board manual say anything about USB bios updates?

@risk @NZSNIPER; First the box on the motherboard says that it is Ryzen 3000 ready - thus it ought to be the latest iteration of this board. Secondly, of course I have checked all the power connectors. Finally, I can check for bios updates. I also don’t have a Ryzen 1200 or an Athlon 200GE.

Diagnose step by step.


  • ram in different slots
  • dedicated graphics card
  • other PSU

If nothing works then try another CPU and test if the motherboard is faulty.

Oh shoot I forgot about this being here. I found the issue. I was using single-channel ram since it was only a PFSense router. So I figured it didn’t need a lot of ram. It turns out that the board wants dual channel ram, so I went and bought some really cheap crucial ram for use in it.