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pfSense OpenVPN Remote Access has LAN Access but not Internet

I set up OpenVPN to have remote access to my home LAN while I am away. It works except I can’t access the Internet. I can only access things on the LAN. I can ping my LAN devices but not any DNS IP addresses such as I think this is an Outbound NAT issue because I have it set to ‘Manual Outbound NAT rule generation’ because months ago I set up PIA with aliases and I have certain devices only going over PIA with a killswitch but that was a while ago and I think I forgot everything I learned >_>. I have tried googling around and trying different rules but I’m not having much luck.

I do have Redirect IPv4 Gateway checked. If I disable it LAN and Internet work but I want all traffic tunneled through the VPN connection and go out of my home WAN.

Here is the guide I used when setting up OpenVPN Remote Access if it helps but it looks pretty straight forward.

Uncheck Redirect IPv4 Gateway

I just edited to clarify this :slight_smile:

So I understand this right you want both a VPN out and into your network?

I’m saying don’t have it checked.

I already have X number of LAN hosts routed out through Private Internet Access on my home network.

Now I want to have my phone/laptop set to route all of its traffic through an always online VPN (with killswitch) to my home LAN to access my LAN devices when I am outside my LAN but also have internet traffic routed through my home WAN port. So that I can a) Access my LAN devices on the go, b) have a VPN up for public Wifi, and c) use my pfblocker when outside my LAN.

If I uncheck Redirect IPv4 Gateway and for example, I am on my phone and this VPN is connected then I can access my LAN devices but all internet traffic is still going through my phones internet connection. If I look up my IP it shows an AT&T IP when I want it to show my homes internet provider.

Hopefully, that makes sense?

OK I didn’t realize you want to route your internet traffic through the VPN too.

Hey man, I’ve been trying to figure this out too, with little success. Did you ever figure it out?

Nope, have not gotten back around to this project yet. Still think it is. NAT or Firewall issue.