Pfsense only allows one of my vlans to connector to the internet

I am runngin a cisco router or intervlan routing for performance my pfsense box is not really that powerful I have just a defualt route out to pfsense and only one of my vlans the one that is directly connected to pfsense can connect how do i get other networks to connect to the internet nat on the cisco router solves the issue but then i cant do vpn on pfsene then
what do i do

Can you screenshot your outbound NAT config? Its possible that you may need to add the other VLAN’s. I may be wrong about what you are saying though, it was tough to understand

You may have to set it to Hybrid and manually enter those subnets?

I dont know if this is what u want

Is it possible you could contact me>

@FunnyPossum, I believe you are on the right track. @Valera_Nordstrom Would set up all his Vlans in the Cisco router and Pfsense. It sounds like @Valera_Nordstrom is using Pfsense as a switch, but I could be wrong. @Valera_Nordstrom If I had the time, I would walk you through your problem, but I have a lot of work to complete today. The only help I can offer is to watch a bunch of youtube videos produced by Lawrence Systems. If you have questions after watching the best videos on Pfsense, just post them in this thread.