PFsense+Freenas+Free HyperV= HOW?

Hey Yall!!

Im new to the tek syndicate Forums but I have been watching the tek for long time on youtube. I have learned ALOT listening to you guys, keep it up!

I am planning to build at PFsense router, but I was wondering if it is possible to use a free hypervisor to pipe connectivity through PFsense then on to FreeNas on the same machine?  Are there any free Hypervisors out there that you would recommend? Ill link the components I want to use below! Thank you for any advice you can offer me!!

Mobo and CPU Combo

Case and PSU

SSD for OS

I wouldn't recommend virtualizing either of those.  If you had to though I would pick pfSense as ur host os. Then use virt-manager and kvm in order to do kernel level virtualization of freenas.  With freenas you should consider using ECC ram for data integrity although it is not mandatory.


I am just starting with something similar myself --> Win 2012 Server, running Xpenology and pfSense (or else) with Hyper-V, that's on a HP N54L MicroServer with 16GB RAM, adhoc Wifi, and Intel quad NIC card.

I am struggling with the Virtual Switches setup a little, just trying to make sure that I use the correct settings. pfSense also struggles with Hyper-V (legacy network, 100mbps..), and many other things...

Anyway, I will post something here when (hopefully) all is done...