pfSense cache/proxy, and small sized harware for it?


Currently I have a small Alix-board with pfSense fw with my 100M connection, but this is about to change. I will have to survive for good while with slowish LTE-connection as my home connection.

I was wondering if i could speed up daily usage with pfSense's Squid proxy? Is this something worth trying for?

If Squid or some other proxy/cache makes any sense, I'll have to get new hardware for it. What kind of stuff should I look up for? Definetily more RAM and some HD are required, but low power consumption and small size would be nice. And of course, low price is allways nice...

Brgds, epa

Not really, not unless you have a lot of users all accessing the same stuff frequently. Plus it doesn't work for https content which these days is most things. Your browser already had a cache so in most cases adding another will only add latency to the system.

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I can confirm what Dexter Kane said. I didn't notice any difference with and without Squid in my office environment of about 12 users.

Thanks for your replies. I didn't even think about https, which makes sense.

Luckily I seem to have like 10-40M bandwidht with outdoor antenna, so the situation ain't so bad...