PFsense Build List (30ish Clients)

PFsense Home Server

So hopefully i have listed everything you need to help me if not make sure you ask
Has to be cheaper than 848.8 AUD or it would be better to get this

Part list so far

 cpu -$72- Intel Pentium G4560 (
 mobo -$99- Asrock H110M-ITX (
 ram -$42- GeIL 4GB Single DDR4 2400Mhz (
 psu -$89- Silverstone SFX 450W 80 Plus Bronze(}
 ssd -$74- SanDisk X400 128GB (
 case -$109- SilverStone Black Milo Series ML08 (

Nic options:

$50 - IBM 39Y6138 Intel PRO/1000 PT Quad-Port PCIe Low Profile (
$70 - Intel EXPI9404PTL PRO/1000 PT Gigabit Quad Port PCIe Network Adapter Low profile (

Total: $485 Nic not in price

Services i want to run:
- iftop
- darkstat
- Squid

Client List:
- 5 x Win 10
- 4 x osx
- 7 x ios
- 1 x Freenas(FreeBSD)
- 5 x Chromecast
- 2 X other (CableBox)
- 1 x Surveillance Hub
- 1 x Home Control Hub
Total: 27

Wireless Ap's in place
- 2 x Ubiquiti UniFi AP In-Wall In-Wall Wifi Access Point
- 2 x Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC PRO 802.11ac PRO Access Point

How is this build looking for my use case, can i cheap out more on the CPU? should i spend the money on a SSD or is a HDD good enough.

Or what are my other options if i have done this all wrong :+1:

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CPU fine and I think you could find a cheaper motherboard.
From other opinions on forums squid is not really worth it so if you are dead set are running from ssd get a 32 gb one for much cheaper.
Can I ask why you 2 quad port nics? If it is for multi ports than invest in a managed switch and use vlans.

Those are just the 2 Quad Port Nics i'm looking at on Ebay i have no idea what one would be better.
I'm only picking one

Buy a dual port and use a managed switch and vlans. How many ports do you need on a switch?

I don't have a managed switch and i have a TL-SG1048 in place with 36 ports used. a managed switch that large is to much

What speed is your internet? If you're in australia then I can take a guess and say those specs look fine. If you want to cheap out a bit you could probably get by fine with an atom but you won't save much so I'd stick with that.

Either of those NICs will work so grab the cheaper one, quad is a good choice as you never know when you may want more interfaces, but if you only need wan and LAN then a dual port Pro 1000 card will be a little cheaper.

Do you want to use Vlans?
Cause you could just hook your switch up to one nic on the dual port intel card and wan on the port.

Also a hard drive is probably going to be more reliable long term, I know people used to have issues with SSDs dying from the constant log writes but I don't think that's an issue anymore. So if you want you can save some money there but either way should be fine.

You could prob save some cash on case also.

Awesome thanks yeh the internet speed is only 100/40 with a 4G fail over.
i have a 1Tb Laptop drive that i pulled out of a laptop i upgraded last year would that do the job?


Are you using all 36 ports of that switch?

the control4 system we have installed is using a lot of the 36 ports in use but there are still a few spare ports on that switch.

should be fine. As long as you make a regular backup of the config it's easy to get up and running again after a drive failure, so don't stress too much about the hard drive to use

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