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I have a Zotac CI327 and due to PfSense is still using freeBSD 11.2. I can’t install PfSense till they release Verson 2.5. because of ASE-NI. Is there a workaround or similar software?

How is this preventing you from installing PFSense exactly?

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Linux will probably work better with that realtek nic. (It’s a realtek 8111 chipset, right?)

Causes a kernal panic. I would have to try again to get exactly what happens but it has to do with the HPET (High precision event timer) and the apollo lake architecture.

Yes. I believe so. Is there a linux equivalent to PfSense?

What version of pfsense are you trying to install?

These are the two versions available to download.

I tried to install both 2.3.5 and 2.4.3 same error in both

This issue is fixed in freeBSD 12 but that won;t be implemented in PFSense till version 2.5

I hear opnsense is it, but personally I’d just use Debian or Arch and wouldn’t bother with the web uis.

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+1 for just using vanilla debian as your router os.

I tried ubutu server and wasn’t to impressed with the configuring network.

I had this issue. I was stuck on 2.3.5

What have you tried to resolve this issue?

Some have had luck with following this

Opnsense is a fork of pfsense. ipfire is a Linux firewall. Being LInux, it has support for more modern hardware like wifi and such.

I haven’t been able to get that far currently. For the first time I finally got in to the installer, by enabling safe mods. I was able to get it installed but know I am getting sdhci_pci0-slot0: controller timeout.

UPDATE. pfsense 2.4.4 released yesterday and my issue is solved. They updated to freeBSD 11.2 and now it supports Apollo lake. Thanks for the suggestions and help

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