Perma AKG K701 Headband mod

Hi. I am currently using a not quite elegant solution to avoid the pain of the infamous headband bumps of the AKG K701 (basically some foam material taped underneath the bumps). I've been looking around for something more elegant and permanent. I've read that the K601 headband fits nicely, but i haven't found a vendor who sells them and i guess it would be pretty expensive as well.

Does anyone know of an nice way to mod the headband ?

Er... I cut off the lumps.

It worked.

I thought about it. But i am not convinced that it is the fix for me. Did you remove all of the fabric or just the bumbs?

I just cut out some of them untill it was comfortable, underneath each bit is just a bit of foam that comes right off.

Its a permanent solution so its not for everyone.

Here's a link to head-fi.
If you search around there's a good bit of documentation on this subject.

Thats exactly where i saw that the K601 headband was a good fit :) Thanks.