Performance Issues

Quite frequently recently I have been experiencing a weird sort of lag when gaming, it happens no matter what game I play older games that any modern PC should have no problems with. It is almost like my computer freezes for less than a second and then continues on, but it does this constantly when gaming and is annoying. Just a bit ago I was playing BF4 and experiencing this lag, I pulled up CPU-ID Hardware Monitor, Task Manager, and MSI Afterburner Hardware Monitor on my second monitor to see what might be causing it. CPU usage hovered around 85 to 90%, RAM usage was topping at 6.28gb, CPU temperature never exceeded 65C, GPU temperature did not exceed 70C, and GPU usage topped out at 70%. I tried to play through the lag for a while, until my PC decided to just stop working at all. It felt as if I was getting 1 frame per minute. I tried to alt tab to kill BF4 in task manager, once I finally did, task manager still showed that the game was running, but the icon was no longer at the bottom of my screen nor was the window attempting to display. I was going to take a screenshot of HWMonitor and MSI Afterburner to post in here, hoping that maybe someone would see something I wasn't, but my computer would not cooperate so I had to press the restart button on my case.


AMD Phenom II x4 965 (no overclock) Arctic aftermarket cooler (I don't know the model)

ASRock 770iCafe AM3+ ATX Motherboard

8gb Dual Channel Patriot Viper 1600mhz RAM

ASUS GTX 760 OC (no extra overclocking)

500w Coolermaster PSU