Performance from USB to PCI WiFi

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As the question suggest my question is about USB Wifi dongles and PCI Wifi cards. I have looked at forums and virtually everyone says PCI cards are a lot better and I can see why. However I haven't really seen an indication of how much. So I hope some of you here can help me out and give me a bit info about the real world performance differences between this

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Please not that I am looking for real world performance so would like to know how my actual download speeds would be affected I currently max out steam downloads at 1 mb/s.

I have been looking at PCI for a while but have been cautious as to whether or not the difference would be worth it.

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Well usually yes a PCI-e card will be faster. Maybe not in speed (as USB 2.0 can just about get full speed on an N rated network), however it will be faster in response because the PCI-e is on the system bus rather than like USB which is an auxiliary system as part of the chipset.

Without knowing how fast your internet service is or how far away from the wireless AP you are, you may not see any benefit to switching to a PCI-e card.

If you are further away, then the larger antenna's and the greater power (PCI-e carries 12v instead of USBs 5v also a higher amperage and wattage) will aid in the signal quality which in turn aids speed and response.


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