Perfect Dark series

I am wondering why it has been so long since the Perfect Dark series has had a game released. Just what is Microsoft doing with the franchise? I for one would like to see what they can do with the current Xbox One. But I have a feeling that the series is dead in the water since Microsoft has Halo now and is making money out of it. But the thing is, why has Microsoft not taken the risk with another Perfect Dark game?

Keep in mind I remember how strange and odd Perfect Dark Zero was but they should try it again. I honestly hate it when game series die off with no reasons.

I think they gave up on it because so many fans of the first game were let down by Zero. Now they have xbox live money so they probably don't care either.

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In all fairness the majority of the launch titles on the Xbox 360 sucked. PDZ got unfairly threw under the bus but most of those other games didn't. Sure if they had relased it a few years later I would understand but they didn't. Gotta start somewhere.

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