People in the software/web development industry to interview for EPQ

Hello, I’ve been a long time reader of both this forum and the one that preceded it, but this is the first time I’ve posted. Here in the UK, a qualification taken during the equivalent of junior year has been introduced, called the Extended Project Qualification. Students carry out research to produce either an essay or an artefact (with a smaller but still substantial write up). As I am interested in study and eventually a career in some field of computer science, I chose to program my artefact, and I am developing a system for my school. Therefore, I am researching many areas of development such as how to go about developing to a brief, information capture from potential customers, and different methodologies for project management.

I have many secondary and tertiary sources, but my write up would be greatly improved by talking to a few real people. Do you, or does someone you know, work in a field involving the above areas? I would be extremely grateful to email, Skype/Discord or otherwise talk to ask a few questions. For my bibliography I’ll need your name and some other basic information, but it will only ever be seen by me and a handful of teachers/ people from the exam board.

tl;dr I would like to ask you about your job in software development for a school project.

I don’t work “in a field of school projects”, but I was reading this and what tickled me was…


good, however there’s a conflict of interest in that your mentors are also your customers, it’s important you’re aware of that.

depending on how much time you want to invest, try and come up with a couple of agile iterations, for a school project I’d recommend no more than a week worth of effort per iteration.

Start by keeping your own log, what you did list week, and what you plan to do this week, and produce, design documents, code and user documentation, and just reference it in your log, and keep iterating until you come up with your own rhythm and some kind of rapport with the customer where you periodically agree on an evolving acceptance criteria.

Be ready to separate methodology and actual work. (you’re your own boss, you’re doing at least the project/product manager job as well as a developer job).

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what kind of “system”? do you mean a website?