Pentium G3460 vs FX-6300? First post of this comparison

Title pretty much says it all. I can't seem to find gaming benchmarks of these two with identical hardware, nor could I find a topic about the G3460 anywhere on the forum.  CPU boss gives the Intel a 7.8 and the AMD 7.9. They are both very similarly priced right now and I don't really trust CPU Boss to be an accurate representation of gaming performance. Is there any input you guys could give me on this comparison?


Edit: P.S. I usually lean towards AMD. Its just my preference, but when I was browsing similarly priced CPUs the Pentium piqued my interest.

Fx all the way in this range. The dual core pentium G3528 is very similar to the G3460 except the G3528 is overclockable. The G3582 overclocked has been compared to the Fx and lost once bother were overclocked or at stock. The cores make a difference. For the couple games that run better on the intel, well those are games that run great on both. Something like cs go might run better on the Intel at stock speeds but its going from 300 to 275 in a little of cases. Plus after you overclock the fx its going to destroy the Intel.   

That is what I was thinking as well.

It depends highly on the games you play.

But most todays games will utilize 4 main threads, so for that matter the FX6300 would still be a better choice.

However, the pentium G has still way better per core performance. But the problem is that this cpu only has 2 cores, So in multi threaded games that use more then 2 threads, the pentium G will not realy cut it, An i3 would be better for that matter but yeah, that is also more expensive again.

If you play older mmo´s like starwars starcraft and what not, that only use 2 cores, then the pentiumG will perform better then the FX6300.

p.s about CPU boss, you can take them with a big grain of salt ☺

FX without question. BUT the thing is the Z97 is a much updated chipset. Which is what you can put that Pentium on. If you want a much updated platform I'd go with the pentium, then upgrade later on, since you'll be fine for now, Until broadwell comes. But if you need something now, then I would definitely go with the FX-6300. Another AMD option is the FM2+ Platform and an Athlon 860K if you want a "updated" AMD platform. There's really no word if AMD will reuse the socket for Carizzo. At least from my knowledge someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Never really got the whole "updated platform" thing. Yes Z97 gives you upgrade options but I doubt broadwell will really help performance wise. But honestly Z97 doesn't offer much that 990FX doesn't.

990FX has USB 3, all SATA 6, two 16X PCIE slots (Yeah its 2.0 but that doesn't mean shit)... Really only think Z97 has is M.2 on some boards. Feature wise Z97, 990FX, and A88X are all pretty similar...

Agreed however, with the 990FX chipset motherboards the choice of motherboards are limited. There are only 3 quality boards and they are all by ASUS. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But if he wants let's say mATX or ITX for example which is a reasonable demand. He is boned.

There are more than three good ones made not just by Asus...

But yes I agree if he wants a smaller form factor he should probably go Intel although the AM3+ boards that exists in mATX should be fine for a 6300.