Pegatron NM70-T1: An Odd One

So, I’ve had this board for a long time. I originally got it as a simple quiet HTPC project but for reasons beyond my control (a 30 year old satellite dish falling off a wall) right before I could figure this thing out I had to repurpose it into a kind of half super awful Sky Go player. Sky Go for those that don’t know is Sky (Fox / Disney) satallite TV provider and Sky Go is their program for watching your TV subscription online.
The problem I had was I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to disable the LVDS port on the upper right hand corner and information about how to actually setup the board seems practically non existent. It seemed to be a really popular HTPC in Korea of all places so I don’t know how I got it from a UK Ebay seller, maybe it was used as a kiosk / digital signage display driver. In Windows I’d just disable the LVDS display outpu, in Device Manager but I’d still like to just turn the bloody thing off properly.
Anyway, if anyone has a clue or can point me in the right direction feel free to weigh in. Google is as always about as helpful as a glass of water to a drowning man. I was planning to give this to a friend who needs a basic internet / Facebook / YouTube PC and the Ivy Bridge Celeron 1037u is still pretty decent for that when you use an OS that isn’t peppering the CPU with a bajillion background tasks (looking at you Windows 10) so I’d like a more permanent solution than just disabling the LVDS output in Device Manager.


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