PDF viewing

What’s your go to software for viewing PDF documents in Windows?

Other than Adobe Reader and preferably something light weight similar to what you’d find in on Unix or Mac’s built in Preview.

I mainly use MuPDF on all platforms, does the job without all the fancy stuff.

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When I don’t need to annotate PDFs I use Firefox as my PDF reader, when I want something very light weight I use SumatraPDF.

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I use whichever browser is already installed. In my opinion there’s no reason to install a PDF reader anymore.

Okular. It’s perfect. Only downside is for Windows you need KDE on Windows.

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I just wanted to say it is not cross platform but I looked it up and it is! I missed that.

I didn’t know that was a thing :thinking:

Okular is also good, I agree there. :+1:

I use FoxitReader

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I just discovered Foxit Reader. Plus one for Foxit. Bonus: it’s cross platform (runs on Linux) and supports digitally signing. Sumatra is also a go to.

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I tried MuPDF now but it reminded too much of CDE on Solaris. I’d be fine with that when in some minimalist WM but in Win10 it’s too much of a design contrast.

Went with SumatraPDF (party because of the licensing) but you guys with Foxit Reader have you have you considered the terms there and are they fair or is it filled with vague language and “telemetry”.

The Foxit EULA (at least the German one) does not mention any data collection. As I read it, they provide the reader for free and bank on people buying the products that expand its functionallity.


Thanks for the insight :slight_smile:

Sumatra PDF - open source, light-weight, able to be run stand-alone if you so desire. Definitely my go-to PDF solution on Windows.


Edge :heart:

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For a PDF viewer, its actually pretty decent. Thats Microsoft’s move though, Edge is being build to be a “reader” of pages, be it web page, epub or otherwise.

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I agree. Just wanted to have a bit of fun with your comment :wink:.

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And still doesn’t support SVG masking. Here we go again with a Microsoft browser not keeping up and causing a fucking nightmare in CSS land.

What tag is that?


I always open PDFs in Chrome. Just works quicker.

Only use Acrobat if I need to do anything with the PDF.