PCPartPicker Benchmarks Are A Misleading?

So I was making a few builds on the PCpartPicker website when I noticed the have a benchmark page. Upon closer inspection I saw that they parts were tested in different machines and the don't even have the higher grade AMD CPU's. Does this not completely Discredit these benchmarks or is there something else I'm missing?

Not really.

I never belive any benchmarks that are not from anandtech or another well know website like theirs.

What else am I missing?

I'm not saying it doesn't show which is best, just that it doesn't show by how much.

Hi Scorch855,  I'm Philip from PCPartPicker.  The issue with the benchmarks right now is that they are fairly old.  We are not trying to be deceiving in any way.  We have all the latest hardware in house and will be benchmarking all of it over the next few months.  We would have done it sooner, but there just wasn't enough time in the day to keep up with it all.  (Up until two weeks ago, it was just me.  Now I have another person on board and helping me out with the site.). We have a lot of stuff coming benchmark-wise, and it should be a major improvement.  We'll also be publishing detailed methodologies on all the benchmarks for public scrutiny and validation, and will not let them lag behind like has currently happened.

I will take all the benchmarks I can. Can at least find the average that way. That, and pc parts are too expensive to test by ones self.

Cool thats great news!!! :) I never assumed you were purposly trying to be decieving, I honestly didn't know if there was a reason for it (I was thinking maybe you were putting it in a equivelent system, which is a cool idea I havent seen anybody do before), and was asking the people on the forums if this may be the case. Thanks for the reply.