Pcie x16 slot into multiple x4 slots

Hi, I'm new to TekSyndicate.

Does anyone know of any adapters that can "convert" a single x16 slot into 4 x4 slots?
I've searched around but I cannot find any decent risers or riser cards that can do so.


I do not believe this can be done without using PLX chips or some form of PCI-e switching.

take a look at this: http://www.cyclone.com/products/expansion_backplanes/pcie2-437.php

It is most probs the closest you're going to get.

Also, take a read on this https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/246171-pcie-splittersli/

Read through This

It covers most of what you'll need to know

Thank you for the reply, I've had a look at Cyclones products and dang they're $1,500+.

Okay so I've found something:

Is this similar or the same concept to the other links posted?

Similar but no.

It is designed specifically for the IBM machines, as the connector it plugs into is not a standard PCI-e connector.

How about this:

The slot that it will plug in is not universal so you won't have a compatible slot on your motherboard to plug it into, unless you have the specific server board that this riser is made for.

That's just a riser card for a server to get more PCI ports in the limited rack space available.

The same thing for the second one you linked. They're proprietary connectors for the specific board that won't work on yours.

Thank you for the help guys, I guess I'll have to riser the x1 port and run in Sli x2 rather than x3.
Just seems a bit of a waste leaving the last Pcie x16 lane empty as I like to leave breathing room for my cards.

My system runs:

So you already have a PC? Are you upgrading from a single GPU? If so what kind? I seriously hope you have a high end display for your multi-GPU set up.

Yeah I was wondering that too. I have a Windows machine and it sucks!. I'm not sure about many many things but one thing is certain. I want to make the switch. After I make the switch to Linux would I need to run a remote server or could I do it from home?

At the moment I'm at Dual Asus PB287Q 4k and Dual MX299Q with a 980Ti (Planning for Dual sli or Triple sli)

I dont realy understand this topic sofar.
Sli wont even run at 4x speeds.

Also Do you have a X99 board with plx chips on it?
Or what do you have?

New GPUs are coming in a few short months though

980ti will still be top or near top.

I found a lot PCIe x16 to 4 M.2 (M-key) adapters. Every M.2 (M-key) has 4 PCIe lanes.


Then you can find some M.2 to PCIe raiser cards