PCIe x1 Gen 4 10Gb NIC recommendations


The only slot I have free in my PC is a PCIe x1 Gen 4 slot. I would like to upgrade to 10Gb networking.

What cards can you recommend which will

  • Physically fit
  • Work in Linux

and ideally have an Intel based chipset.

RJ45 would be preferred but is not a deal breaking if it needs an SFP module.


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I have the SFP version of this, but works fine in all of the Debian based OS I have tried. I have an ASUS Mobo so it seemed right to get an ASUS NIC card.

I’m pretty sure that your only option is

It’s an Aquantia chipset, I don’t know of any Intel chips that have a Gen4x1 lane configuration at 10GbE. This card does claim to have Linux support, though with little detail.

Note the physical PCIe fingers are actually x2, so I think you’d need to have an open-ended x1 slot or be wiling to take some snips to it or such to fit the card.

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M.2 to pcie adatper?
If not 2.5g is the only stuff thats really 1x that is common enough to find

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