PCIe Bifurcation Splitters?

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And it is Gen3 compatible!

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hope i helped let me know how it goes if you get this bifurcation is super cool to me and would love to see the results

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It worked for this guy with 2 GPUs! With photo evidence.

There are some comments that it was not available anymore but aerocooler are quoting 2 days for shipping 3 years later.

I will definitely look into it and report back if I manage to get one.

Thanks a lot!

Also, that thread seems like a goldmine on the matter, for anyone interested in digging.

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Wow what an explosion of activity on this old thread!

I just moved my Threadripper into its new home, with three vertical and seven horizontal expansion bays, and the two orientations are spaced far enough apart to not conflict with each other.

My hopes are to use the motherboard slots for large GPUs and the riser card slots for single slot cards like network, thunderbolt and/or capture card… or something like that.

I read a bit of that super long thread linked a few posts back. It seems to point out two issues. First the super cheap Supermicro passive risers are proprietary and depend on special wiring from a Supermicro motherboard. Second issue seems to involve properly division/ replication of the serial clock line. It seems to require active circuits to manage. Am I getting this right?

Test fitting a single slot quadro using a mining riser: