PCIe Bifurcation [if 4.0 bifur exist even] x16 to x8 x8 for running a 2nd GPU + NVMe card

I wondered if it would be possible to run a 2nd GPU in Bifurcation mode whilst having a spare x8 slot for NVMe card.
I’ve looked into 3090 as 2nd gpu for VFIO passthrough in Win 10 VM, but I couldn’t find any info on “If” it’s doable. If not, I’ll just stick with 1 NVMe over 2 on 2 RAID 10 setup :v [cuz screw it, no kill like overkill B) ]
It’s not something I’m planning to do, just something that came to my mind when I had a conversation with my buddy on “Budget Workstation filled with stupid ideas (X670E motherboard in this context)” but we had no concrete answer due to, well, lack of ideas on what to search, and lack of sleep (as per usual). Cheers in forward, lads n lass.

The short answer is, don’t use mainstream CPUs/motherboards for lots of PCIe. The long answer includes expensive expander cards.

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Just needed a “It can be done” confirmation, thank you! :smiley:
But Iexpected as much XD