PCI to USB 3.0

I need a pci expansion card that has 2 USB 3.0 headers (19 pin internal kind)

like this one except with another internal header and PCI not PCI-e


thanks for the help

Firstly, why a PCI card? You do realise that a standard 32bit PCI card (regardless of operation frequency (33 or 66Mhz) will not be able to fully saturate the drives.

Also for this exact reason, they are few and far between which does make them a little expensive in comparison to their PCI-e cousins.

does the one in the post above work in a full sized pci-e slot ?

if not then the card would block my fans on my Graphics card

yes, any pcie card will go in any pcie slot as long as they fit (will only  happen if the card is longer than the slot and the slot is not open ended)

Ohh, I did not know that, sweet! However, I am still having problems finding a card with 2 internal headers. Any advice on where to look?