PCI Slot Ripped Out - HELP

So long story short I was taking out my GPU and I didn't pull the release lever back enough so the plastic part of my PCI slot came out with my GPU. about 1/2 of the pins are now bent in some way.

I have three options and I don't know which to take.

1 - Take apart my entire build and leave myself without my computer for the entire RMA process. Then, re-build my computer all over again.

2 - Straighten the pins myself and slide the plastic part on again and some how have it adhere to the mobo again. (Anyone know of a non-conductive adhesive?)

3 - Leave it alone.

Now I don't want to run SLI as in the future I'm looking to sell this rig and build a whole new one. But if the express slot isn't functional or even attached then it won't exactly sell.

The MOBO is the Gigabyte z77x-UD3H and I bought it from Newegg.ca

As you can see, the current placement of my GPU isn't exactly airflow-friendly.


do am RMA

get a pair of tweezers and carefully try and align the pins correctly, you may have to glue the pin casing back onto the motherboard - make sure you use glue that isn't conductive.

I doubt they would accept it

It's kinda your fuck up so I doubt you could get a free new one.

I could say that it was a faulty slot as it isn't suppossed to come out in the first place.

"I didn't pull the release lever back enough so the plastic part of my PCI slot came out with my GPU."

You need to buy a new mobo, warranty isn't going to cover the users fault. Sorry.

I heard of this before somewhere else...

I realize what I did, but that's not what I have to tell Newegg.

try RMA.... maybe get a new mobo anyways tho....

okay, you will need about 4 stone worth of thermite, just place that on top of the computer case and light it while trying to put the slot back in place. should fix it. maybe. be sure to wear gloves. you could also try rma but honestly the glue thing should work out just fine. how much force did you need to use to pry that thing off of it anyway? 

I vote for taking the low ground, lying to newegg and RMAing it.