PCI-E USB Expansion Card Help

Wasn't quite sure what forum to post this in but here goes ;-;.


My friend passed me a PCI-E Expansion Card, and I've been having troubled getting the drivers to work (I think).


 The Card provides power to everything I plug into it but the devices aren't recognized in windows. Iv'e tried re-installing the card a few times using the drivers from the visiontek website, I have also checked that the card is firmly plugged into the PCI-E slot, and that everything is in the correct place. A couple re-installs in the card worked for a couple minutes but then stopped working.


Not sure where to go from this point, the imgur link is a ss of my device manager, any help would be appreciated.


Judging by the most helpful review, that card is a PoS. That reviewer had the some problems as well. His Logitich keyboard was no longer recognized by the Logitech software, and his mouse jumped all over the place. Those components functioned normally after he removed the expansion card.