Pc wont turn on with GTX 970 installed

I had just upgraded from an AMD 6670 to a GTX 970 and loaded into a game of BF4 when my pc just turned off. Now when I try to turn it on, the fans and lights turn on for about half a second and then it all goes off again. When I reinstalled my old GPU it was all working again but as soon as my 970 is installed it refuses to turn on.

P.S. Im a bit of a noob as this is my first pc I have built.

CPU: i5 3330
PSU: Corsair CX600m
New GPU: MSI GTX 970 4gb
Old GPU: AMD 6670
RAM: 8gb DDR3

Maybe it needs more VRAM.

Did you install nvidia's drivers?

I have uninstalled the old drivers and installed all the latest drivers for the card.

It was working fine until it turned itself off.

Then, your PSU might not be giving it all the wattage it needs.

Several websites and people have said that my PSU is capable but I also suspect that is the problem.

Should be, but it might just be defective. Otherwise I can't think of much else that would make it randomly shut off,

If you can still return the 970, and you don't want to buy a new PSU if that turns out to be the issue you could always buy a 750ti, it's pretty power efficient for the performance.

i will be going round a friends to test it on his 1000w psu today but was hoping there was another reasonable explanation.

You could check your windows event logs

From what I can see there is no indication of it being logged here. The only times on here are when my pc was actually on.

are there any non essentials you can remove from the power supply then re-test like ram, optical drive, something?

Have you tried plugging your PC directly into a wall socket?

Have you fully uninstalled the old drivers. With DDU to remove the registry entries too, even if the old drivers are gone there could be residual left overseas causing problems.

yes have remove all drivers with DDU and the pc is plugged into a wall socket

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https://forum.teksyndicate.com/t/gpu-screen-crash/85070/3 this one.

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