PC won't post with sound card in

Is this a sign of a DOA sound card, or a broken PCI-E slot or something else?

I got it a while ago when I got my whole system and once I realised it stopped it from booting I just took it out and never looked back. It's now way too late to get a return and just want to see if it's something that I can get working. I want to use the card because for one I bought it, and two my on-board sound card isn't very good and I get a buzzing noise from my speakers whenever I turn it up too high (it's not the speakers I've tested others). The noise also changes slightly for example when I switch tabs on chrome which makes me think it could be being affected by cpu signals or something if that's even a thing? Yes I saw Logan's sound card video and a $100 external DAC is not something I really need without any serious headphones, just the occasional buzzing noise which I'd prefer not to have.

The sound card is the Asus Xonar http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007RMMYFI/

The rest of my specs can be found here: http://pcpartpicker.com/b/C6E

Thanks for any help!

take out your sound card and do a visual inspection of the card,  try to see if there is any damage, like burns or maybe a broken component or something, try the sound card in another pc if you can, that will determine if your problem is the sound card or not. if the card works then maybe you can look into see if maybe it is the PCI port on your motherboard (kinda doubt that tho) if anything, check the solder points on that slot, maybe even see if something isnt shorting on the back of the board.

good luck.