Pc video recording software

any good free or paid video recording software 

camtasia studio 8 for on screen and dxtory for gameplay, thats what i use and they are very good

i rather not use that thank you for the reply

Dxtory is by far the best I have found till now, and the liscence isn't very harsh on your wallet.
And I use Fraps for Desktop recording, as I tend to have less issues than with Camtasia.

But if you can, invest in a capture card, it takes alot of strain off of your CPU, and doesn't affect framerate at all.
"AverMedia Live Gamer HD C985" would be the way to go, if you are willing to spend 200 euros.

thanks im using bandicam now & i will look up other software thans you all 

If you were on Linux I would suggest Kazam Screencaster.

This preview was made using Fraps and Sony Vegas Pro (It's a preview of an upcoming Minecraft horror movie xD) 


ru college student?

How is the performance hit with DXTory compared to FRAPS or NVIDIA shadowplay?

How about Open Broadcaster, the software Tek Syndicate uses for The Tek? Set it to record to a local file instead of streaming and you're golden, though I don't know how much of a performance hit goes with it. Play around with it, it's really good and can record from multiple sources at once, arranged however you want.

I use dxtory for game capture (It doesn't impact gameplay anymore than any other program recording uncompressed footage. Once you change to more demanding codecs, it's the codec overhead that will impart a load on your PC, not the program itself like Dxtory.)

For other areas I capture with open broadcaster.

I have fraps as a backup to either program, but haven't had to use it in a couple of years. The other two options are much more robust.

I second that

I third this. OBS is the way to go. Not much of a performance hit. I have a 3570K cpu and GTX780 and record to a NAS using obs while playing games, there is very little performance hit when playing games on ultra settings (the hit is so little I barely notice it).

Not to mention OBS is Open Source and will have a linux version soon too so there is no reason why you shouldnt at least try it, if its not your bag then oh well at least it cost you nothing :)

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This is the best choice in my opinion, it seems much better than Fraps.

I used Fraps a couple of times, didn't notice much of a performance hit while playing. The file size though was a bit too much - 2,85GB @ 1280*1024 30fps. The quality was great though