PC Upgrade

Hey guys! Long time no see :) Well I currently have a rig (http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/3rm5P) that's decent for me. But I want to expand and make it even better. I will have approximately 500$ to spend on upgrades for this computer. BTW, I am in CANADA and we have 13% TAX so please take that into account. I was thinking of upgrading to an 8350, and potentially going crossfire with the 270x's. Now I know that people say corssfire is idiotic, but it's just an option. All help would be appreciated. 

Thanks :D

if i may give you some upgrade advices, your motherboard is not realy the best option for CF, offcourse it will work, but since the board has only 20 pci-e 2.0 lanes, you will only be able to run this CF at 8x gen2, this is offcourse not that bad. but still.

I would personaly upgrade to a better single GPU. a R9-280X or R9-290. try to sell your current 270X, and then you could maybe upgrade your cpu aswell to a FX8320. Big plus will be that you dont need to upgrade your psu basicly. In the base a FX6300 will not realy bottleneck the R9-280X / R9-290, so if you not able to sell you can allways upgrade the cpu later on, cause the FX6300 is still a very capable cpu.


Assuming that you game using that computer, I can't figure out many options for a really noticeable upgrade in that price range, especially since you already have an R9 270X. Upgrading to an FX 8320 and an R9 280 puts it at something like $30 over your budget. Going for an SSD and an R9 280X, in my opinion, will give you the largest increase in performance, especially since an FX 6300 is actually a decent processor for gaming and I don't think you'd see much of a performance boost going to an FX 8320/8350.

yes a 280X + a SSD is also a very good balanced option aswell. SSD is allways a nice upgrade.

But i have to say, that this looks temping aswell. especialy if he could sell his 270X for arround $150+ then he would be able to upgrade to a FX8320 or a SSD.


Ooh, an R9 290 would be fun.

But yeah, if OP could sell his old parts he would have more choices

  • FX8320 and R9 290
  • SSD and R9 290
  • SSD, FX 8320, and R9 280X
  • (et cetera)

That 13% tax is a pain though.

those new egg prices are allready includes taxes i suppose? only exclude shipping


I think the 6300 is still good. A CPU cooler isnt included in your first build. Are you overclocking?

I would keep the 6300 and overclock it, then get a second 270x and an SSD

These ones:http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/3rreB

There is some budget left over to get a better cooler if you wanted. Like maybe a noctua d-14 or a corsair H80 or something.. what ever suits your fancy.

The United States and Canada usually do not have taxes included in the price. Like if I purchased something listed as $9.99 in my state I would end up paying $10.53 total due to the 5.5% tax my state levies.

That's one of the things I really liked when I was in Germany a few years ago, if something said 5,50€ I payed 5,50€.

Keep cpu, sell existing gpu, buy a single 290 or 780. Avoid xfire woes if you can.

If i were to go xfire (Which I am most likely not), i would need a new PSU as the one i currently own does not have enough PCI-E cables. now i have some questions:

1. Is there a noticable difference between the 270x and the 280x?

2. I render and upload videos, will the 8320 surpass the 6300 by a large amount in rendering?

3. If i were to sell my current GPU, which of the options given would you recommend?

1) yes, 270x is a good deal less than a 280x. The price difference dictates this as well. A 270x is a 7870, 280x is a 7970. Crossfired 270x's are a thing of headaches plenty of peeps on nearly every tech forum have dramas with it.

2) maybe look into this review http://www.anandtech.com/show/6396/the-vishera-review-amd-fx8350-fx8320-fx6300-and-fx4300-tested/4

3) gtx770, 780, 280x or r290.

TLDR I still think your better off selling your existing card and putting that towards a high tier card from either of the two powerhouses.

lets say I manage to sell my current card for $160. Shpuld i go for a GPU only (290 or 780) orshould i go for the 8350/280x combo? The reason I ask is because I have been doing some research and it seems as if the FX 6300 bottlenecks the 290 and 780. 

If you grab an 8350 / 280x combo - you'll have to look at grabbing a higher wattage psu plus an aftermarket cpu cooler to replace the noisy stock unit.

A 6300 wont be a bottleneck for a single 290 / 780. If you feel it isnt pulling its weight oc it a little.

His current psu is more then enough for a FX8350 with a 280X

He does not need a new one. ☺

I completely understand where you are coming from, yes it will work but if OP ever wants tweak the 8350 and 280x the psu will be the Achilles heel in the long run.

The average from all the reviews Ive read have the 8350 (stock speeds) system load consumption is just under the 200w mark up to 230w mark. OC it and that figure rises to 250w+- @5ghz. Add to that again a 280x which many are at the 240w load mark - like the msi twinfrozer. Or in the extreme case, the 280X Toxic from Sapphire which has the capability to draw 375w with the +50% powertune.

280x Toxic review http://www.anandtech.com/show/7406/the-sapphire-r9-280x-toxic-review/4 - nudging 470w+ without further gpu overclocking (with was 519w) - tested using a 4960x (which power consumption wise is very close to the 8350 as seen here > http://www.techspot.com/review/708-intel-core-i7-4960X-ivy-bridge-e/page8.html).

This proof as well - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cap1fr1bwws   ---> 7:21 onwards, 590w +   and this figure is quite conservative since he hasnt let the mb push excess voltage for the turbo clock mode, voltage set manually etc. No overclocking. All his configuration explained. Running Prime95 + Furmark that will give a true peak load power consumption figure.

Id be interested to know if any peeps have the 8350 paired with a 7970/280x & and can measure from the wall what they consume at the wall -  full cpu and gpu load (oc / not oc).

550W should be good enough, offcourse the toxic is a bit of a powerhouse, and those benchmarks tests, are on the worst case scenario, which you will never do in real life. but still. A killawatt test still does not tell me to much, it tells me what the complete systems sucks from the wall, not what the system sucks from the psu. ☺

But yeah in terms of the toxic, it can draw 375W, But i know for sure it will never ever draw that. cause otherwise it would not be safe to use. i saw some becnhmarks on which the Toxic maxed out peaked at 300W. same as a R9-290X. i think the system will pull 450W  in the worst case scenario from the psu. take the efficiency factor in mind 80% that means arround 540W from the wall (that you will see on the killawatt). in a worst case scenario.

Thats why i personaly allways recommend a 550W / 650W psu for a single gpu system. i do agree that for powerhouses like the 280X toxic 290X tri X, GTX-780Ti, 550W psu would be a minimum.

with the rumors of the GTX 8xx series coming out soon, i think i will wait a bit longer to do the upgrade. Thanks for all the help guys! :)

you could do that offcourse, but the big question is it worth it to wait? cause the 8xx series will be most likely restickerd 7xx series, only the top models, maybe get a diffrent chip. But i even doubt about that.

I think it will be worth the wait. Because teh gtx 7xx cards will drop in price, and the gtx 770 was a better buy than the gtx 680 because they changed the memory bus on it, even if the rest of the card was the same.

If you are going to wait, then i would probably recommend just waiting a little longer and doing a full system upgrade man. Pull the drives, sell the system, by parts or as a whole, then build a new system... Just a thought.

As far as CPU, check out the i5-4670k vs the 8350 benchmarks for your particular software.. The i5 beats the 8350 for many programs.. but definitely not all.